Delivery Time

At Monkey-lectric we have two types of stock for sale: Flash Sales and In Stock.

What is Flash Sale stock?

Most of the stock on Monkey-lectric is featured through exclusive, temporary Flash Sales. Flash Sales are indicated by the timer on the sales and product pages. For these sales we either order stock periodically throughout the sale, or we place one order when the sale has closed; either way, we only order what we have sold and delivery times to you are typically 2-4 weeks after you’ve placed your order. This is the main reason we can keep our costs so low and avoid any waste - we pass all of the savings to you and we think that the prices it allows us to offer make the extra wait worthwhile!

What are in stock items?

Wherever you see "2 working day delivery" displayed we'll endeavour to deliver as below (see here for exclusions):

Order by: Delivery on or before:
Monday 11am Wednesday
Tuesday 11am Thursday
Wednesday 11am Friday
Thursday 11am Monday
Friday 11am Tuesday
Saturday + Sunday 11am Wednesday